All Levels

We can teach students from beginner to pro and anything in between. Join us on your musical journey no matter what chapter you are at.

All Ages

We accept all ages but some students are a bit too young to start so we feel it is most effective to start 5 or older.

All Styles

We have a variety of instructors that specialize in many different styles of music. Let us know what you want to learn when you are staring out and we will find an instructor that is perfect for you.

Covid-19 Update and Announcement

Covid-19 Update and Announcement
We wanted to take a moment to update you on how Music Lab Schools are handling the latest COVID-19 conditions.
During this time, we will be temporarily switching to FaceTime/Skype/YouTube lessons with your instructor temporarily until we are able to do lessons one-on-one at the lab soon.

To set this up, your instructor will be contacting via either email or phone shortly. If you have any immediate questions, please try to contact your instructor first if you have any of their contact info. We appreciate every one of you and appreciate your cooperation during this crazy time because you are all so key in holding us up during this lockdown! We will all be back together physically at the lab soon! Keep practicing!

Helping You Achieve Your Dream

Music Lab has been raising the bar of music education since 2005. Our network of music schools consists of musicians and instructors that are passionate about bringing music education to a new level.  We provide private music lessons for drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, violin, woodwinds, and brass instruments. We teach students of all levels, all ages, and all styles of music.  Our instructors are all unique individuals that have their own style of playing and teaching, but as a team, we stay very connected to offer consistent, proven, and new methods of learning and teaching. In addition to private music lessons, we are currently offering group lessons for certain instruments.

Voted BEST MUSIC INSTRUCTION 4 years in a row!

Our teaching rooms are designed to provide the best teaching and learning environment. Teaching is the most important part but if you can combine great teaching with a clean, acoustically sound, inspiring, motivating, and comfortable room you get even better results. Our rooms are equipped with all the essentials which gives the opportunity for the student and instructor to have their own instrument helping create a much smoother lesson flow, This also provides the ability for both to play together when the lesson calls for such an activity. In addition each room has a play back system combined with headphones allowing the students to learn and play along to their favorite songs alongside their instructor.  




Instruments We Teach

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Cello
  • Clarinet
  • Drums
  • Electric Guitar
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Percussion
  • Marching Percussion
  • Hand Percussion
  • Orchestral Percussion
  • Piano
  • Saxaphone
  • Trumpet
  • Upright Bass
  • Woodwind
  • Violin
  • Vocal Coaching

Lesson Rates

Try a FREE trial lesson before signing up and see what our schools are all about.

  • $130 a month – 30min weekly one on one sessions.
  • $260 a month  – 60min weekly one on one sessions.
  • $50 one time enrollment fee.
  • Some locations charge different rates depending on instrument demand. Please check the location that you are interested in for more info.

If you are using charter vouchers for payment please contact the location you are planning on studying with for specific terms required. Also, charter students must fill out this form but will not be given their first lesson for free if payments are being made with charter vouchers

Music Lab Instructors

Music Lab instructional staff are top professional musicians drawn from the Northern California area. Each of our instructors specializes in a different style, and each one has exceptional experience in teaching music. Based upon our expertise, we will help choose the teacher that best fits the style of music you are most interested in. Lastly, we encourage our student musicians to grow musically. Therefore, during their time at Music Lab we actively encourage periodical changing their music teacher. At Music Lab our instructors also work as a team to develop the best system for our students to use to become the best musicians they can be. This approach ensures each student has an opportunity to be exposed to as many different musical styles as possible. It also helps develop our students into very well rounded musicians.

Become a Music Lab instructor

If you are a local music instructor and you would like inquire about teaching at Music Lab please shoot us an email or fill out the contact form.

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“You never know what positive things music will unlock in your life until you try it. Period. You just will never know, for some people music is their outlet. For some people it’s their social connection to other people. For some people it’s just something they do for fun, to relax, to calm down, to destress, to decompress. For some people it’s an art form, it’s a creative thing. For some people it’s a career. For some people it’s their way to revolutionize the world through their music. You can’t really tell someone ‘this is what music will do this for you’. There’s a list of things it could for you, but you’ll never know until you try.”

-Music Lab CEO-

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