Become a Music Lab Owner

Become a music school owner without the headache, stress, and
uncertainty of doing it on your own. Being a Music Lab school owner
is an incredibly rewarding career opportunity. Here are a few ways that
becoming a Music Lab school owner can benefit your life.

Finance – for any business owner, financial gain is always part of
the equation. Owning a music school is not much different. The
opportunities for financial gain are endless, yet always connected to the
root of passing along music and empowering others to learn more and
evolve to a better version of themselves.

Freedom – Being a Music Lab school owner does come with
responsibilities, but this also means you are in charge of your domain.
No boss telling you what you can do and when you can not do. If your
responsibilities are covered, you are free to take gigs or do the things you
love in addition to music – at your discretion.

Music – Being surrounded by music, musicians and music students on a
daily basis will keep you be submerged into this amazing craft that you
will not have a choice, but becomes a better and more well rounded
musician and enthusiast.

Education – Passing down the craft of music is one of the most rewarding
things that you can experience. Being the leader of a music teacher
collective is that much more rewarding because you are now able to
impact even more students and evolve as an educator.
Community – Building a local musical education facility helps you create
bonds with the people that surround you and the school over all. In
some cases, these bonds are life long. You also begin to be viewed as a
community leader and impactor that effects the local area that you are in
as well as the music community.

Business – Having a business creates more stability and structure that you
wouldn’t otherwise have working for someone or chasing freelance work.
Owning your business helps you plan for the future and set your life up
exactly how you dreamed it would be vs. being dependent on what your
potential boss has in mind for the future of where you work. This doesn’t
mean you don’t have to put in effort, but it means you will directly benefit
from the effort that you put in.

Opportunity – Being the leader in any facet of life helps put you in the
spotlight and helps you be able to capitalize on that when opportunities
come knocking on your door. There are many ways that owning a Music
Lab school will open opportunities that you otherwise would not have


Business start up – Location owners will be provided with a start up packet
including resources, approved service providers, strategy and a crash course of
what it takes to run a Music Lab school.

Real Estate – Access to approved real estate agents to help you find the perfect
location. Also real estate support will be provided, including helping you pick
the right location and getting the right lease.

Buildout – Helping you with location design, sound treatment and layout as well
as providing you with a few good contractors to give competitive bids on the
work that needs to be done.

Instruments – Location owners will have access to special prices and support
from companies that support Music Lab schools including: Yamaha, Aquarian,
Vater, Meinl, Mono, and others coming soon.

Instructors – Using Music Lab’s already big impact on the Music Education
business we will help put the word out about your school and do our best to
help you find and hire new staff.
Website – You will be provided with a free website that includes setup and
connection to a payment system that is approved and supported by Music Lab

Marketing – Locations will receive the benefits of Music Lab’s already strong
online and social media presence. You will also be provided with a location
specific monthly organic marketing campaign. You will also be provided with
support for other marketing channels that you would like to use to grow your

Social Media – We assist you with setting up a strong social media presence in
your local market.

Leadership Training – You will have the support system and training to help you
be the best business owner for your team, customers, and students.
Troubleshooting – With over 13 years in the business we have experienced all
types of problems, issues, situations, and obstacles. We will assist you with
any type of support you need to deal with or even avoid any of the mentioned

Education – With a growing team of owners and educators you will have access
to team building meet ups, seminars and education enhancement opportunities
to help you build a strong, fundamentally-sound music school. You will also
have access to Music

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