Music lessons for kids adds a richness to life unlike any other activity. See how learning an instrument can lead to healthier and faster brain development.

Welcoming a new child into the world is one of the most memorable moments in life. However, what most idolized stories don’t tell you is that birth is the easy part.

Once the baby comes, new parents dig through volumes of help books and blogs searching for the best way to raise their child. What they find most often isn’t about breast feeding versus bottle feeding or discipline. It’s music lessons.

And we’re going to tell you why.

Improved Memory

One of the most obvious benefits is an improved memory. As your child takes lessons and practices their instrument, their brains will forge connections between the keys.

The longer they practice, the stronger these connections become. The brain will recognize certain patterns and store them away in compact ways.

The better someone is at finding patterns, the more their memory improves. Teaching your children music allows their brains to learn crucial memory skills much faster.

You can see this process working when your child memorizes new songs and chord combinations faster as they progress.

Better Motor Skills

Many instruments, such as piano, involve various parts of the body. The hands and fingers play sensitive keys. The eyes scan sheet music. The ears pay attention to the variations in rhythm, pitch, and amplitude.

All of these different parts work together to improve basic and advanced motor skills, sort of like an orchestra.

The child that learns early on how to distinguish soft notes from hard ones, and play them correctly, will understand how to control his or her body better.

The same applies to seeing and hearing. Children can better manage their bodies and minds through consistent and effective music lessons.

Overall Improved Brain Capacity

Lastly, introducing young children to music will improve their brain capacity in other areas as well.

In fact, the National Library of Medicine suggests that “learning to play an instrument as a child may even predict academic performance and IQ in young adulthood.”

Educating your child in music better prepares them for the future. Don’t believe me? Check out how music helps children in other developmental ways.

It’s Never Too Early or Late to Start Music Lessons

Music lessons are powerful tools that will help your child succeed as an adult. The only question that remains is when to start.

Beethoven gave his first public performance when he was six years old. But maybe your children aren’t music prodigies. Maybe they are. Either way, a young mind is capable of great things.

Music lessons don’t have to be limited to children. Adults benefit from them as well.

Find a teacher that will work with you and your family, and get started on your child’s development today!