Guitar practice should be fun, especially for beginners. Learn how to encourage your kids and get them to enjoy the musical learning process.

Getting a kid to be excited about practicing is like getting a kid to want to do homework. The fact is that most kids lack the motivation and attention span.

But, if you can make practice fun, you’ve already won half the battle.

Children are more likely to be interested in practicing something that they enjoy. The key is making practice not so mundane.

Want to make guitar practice fun for kids? Want your child to enjoy mastering this instrument?

If so, you’ll want some tricks up your sleeve. Here are 4 tips for making guitar practice enjoyable.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Your kid won’t be the next Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton next week. You can’t expect your kid to master a guitar solo after a few lessons.

Set attainable goals for your child. It’s perfectly acceptable to start small.

A critical first goal is to master proper finger positioning. Once your child has perfected the basics, move onto more difficult topics such as:

  • Understanding notes and chords
  • Playing an entire warm-up song
  • Learning improvisation techniques

Goal setting gives your child a sense of achievement. Feeling as if you’ve met a goal will keep your child wanting to learn more.

A fun end goal will be for your kid to play his/her favorite song on guitar.

2. Set a Guitar Practice Schedule

We all do better when we have set schedules.

When practice is consistent, it’s easier for a child to settle into the schedule.

Determine which time works best for your child. Many prefer to practice before or after dinner. This gives your child ample time for after-school activities and homework.

Aside from timing, you’ll also want to set days for guitar lessons. Frequent lessons are best for children. Consider practicing every other day.

3. Engage With Videos

Kids nowadays are all about videos. Videos can be used in many ways to keep guitar lessons exciting.

Ask the guitar instructor to provide short video recaps of each lesson. This will keep lessons fresh in your child’s mind.

It is also helpful to have short recordings of your child during lessons.

Hearing guitar sounds during a lesson is one thing. But your child will be over-the-moon excited to see and hear him/herself jamming out on video.

4. Keep It Short

Which do you think is a better use of time? Focused practice for 30 minutes or 3 hours of broken concentration? For kids, focusing for long periods of time can be hard.

Make guitar practice enjoyable by keeping lessons short.

Try keeping lessons to 30 minutes or less. Studies have shown that children 6 and older have an attention span of around 30 minutes.

Pushing this limit will break the child’s focus.

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