You knew your child wanted to be a drummer since that day a wooden spoon met your stock pot. Here are tips for drum lessons that will make it fun for everyone!

A child who expresses interest in music should be encouraged to play their instrument of choice.

Playing music is great for a child’s developing brain. It has been proven to be beneficial in many areas of development including strengthening memory skills, emotional depth, motor skills, and self-expression.

The only thing is, when your child expresses an interest in drum lessons, many parents already start to feel that pounding headache creeping in.

Don’t let that stop you from letting your child learn to play the drums. In this article, we’re going over all the best tips on how to encourage your young drummer without wanting to pull your hair out.

Find the Best Drum Lessons

For a child, the teacher is by far more important than any other aspect of learning to play the drums.

You may have to try out a few drum teachers before you find the right one. Not all drum teachers are created equal, and not all are great at working with kids. The best teacher will be patient, skillful, encouraging, fun, and fit within your budget.

It’s important that your child looks forward to their drum lessons, and the teacher can be the pivotal factor.

Practice, Practice, Practice

There are several ways to encourage your child to practice. The first step is setting them up with the right equipment to practice on.

Get a junior drum kit that is an appropriate size for your child, plus a more affordable price for you.

Try to find the most sound proof place in your home to set up the drums so that your child doesn’t have to feel embarrassed or limited in their ability to practice (or get on your nerves).

If that’s not really possible in your home, a great option is a practice pad.

Practice pads are much more affordable than drum kits and can still be helpful to build up your child’s rhythm, endurance, technique, and confidence. Plus they’re much, much quieter than the real thing.

Drumming Apps

To squeeze in some noise-free practice, have your child pop in the headphones and utilize one of the drumming apps on the market. These can be a great supplement to regular practice.

Many of these apps can help your child learn rhythm by following along with the animated drum set lighting up as a song plays.

Some apps even expand the user’s knowledge of different types of drums from different styles of music and areas of the world.

Have Fun!

Above all, remember that this should be fun for your child. They will build a greater sense of self-esteem from expressing their skills as they learn, rather than being held to a professional standard.

If you are in the Northern California area and are interested in drum lessons for your child, Music Lab is the place for you.

Music Lab, originally founded as Drum Lab, is an award winning drum school that has been open since 2005.

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