Playing in a band is one of the best ways for your kid to develop new musical and social skills. Learn more about how playing in a band can improve your child.

As a parent of a little rocker, you’re probably used to a few things. Driving to band practice, loud drumming from the garage, late practices- sound familiar?

Going through these motions may just feel usual for a parent. (We know you guys are the backbones behind all of their activities.)

But, when your kid is in a band, they’re gaining so much more than often realized. Playing in a band is really helpful when developing a child’s social skills. Read on to learn how.

Collaboration Through Communication

One of the most prevalent skills a child learns from being a band member is how to work with others. Most forms of art lend themselves to collaboration.

For one, being in a band teaches someone how to communicate their own ideas. It gives them the confidence to speak up and share their thoughts.

Also, band members must work together to create their music. Whether they’re focusing on one instrument or looking at the piece as a whole, their contributions are important.

The ability to work with others is not undervalued. Whatever your child’s plans are for the future, teamwork will be required of them.

Respect for Others

Not only does your child learn how to respect their own ideas, but also the work of others. They get experience listening to others ideas and learning about their thought processes.

This is a huge developmental step because it teaches someone to be open and respectful to new ideas. Also, as we all know, you’re not always going to agree with everyone.

But, for a team to work, they must be respectful and empathetic to other members. A band is a great place for a kid to learn these two qualities as it relies heavily on the two to work.


As with any team, each member’s contributions are insanely important. If you’re in a band, you’re required to bring certain elements to the table.

They must be prepared for practices and show, and be there on time. Also, they’re the sole contributor for their specific instrument.

How they sound reflects on the entire band. If they sound off, the entire band sound off.

It’s important for individuals to understand how their actions affect others. Being in a band teaches someone they are accountable for themselves, and at times, others.

Also, it teaches them that mistakes do happen. But, it’s important to be honest with your team, learn from the mistake and move on.

Playing in a Band Turns You Into Family

Sorry, no, not like you, mom and dad. Instead, playing in a band gives your child a sense of closeness and security among others who aren’t their immediate family members.

Often times, your band members turn into your best friends — the people you laugh and cry with.

Forming these kinds of relationships at an early age is important in developing social skills. Band members learn the importance of being apart of a group professionally and personally.

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