Trying to encourage an appreciation for music? It’s time for plan B. Here are 5 ways playing the drums can improve your child’s life.

Did you know that drummers report feeling less stressed and happier than most people? Whether you’re considering which instrument you want your child to play or your planning to enroll your little one in music classes, it’s time to give drums the attention they deserve.

Playing the drums is an awesome hobby. It also has tons of great benefits that can improve the quality of your child’s life.

Let’s get into it!

Surprisingly Great Benefits From Playing the Drums

Natural Stress Reliever

You probably already know that we’re a pretty stressed-out nation. But, did you know that up to one-third of children reported experiencing stress-related symptoms over the past year.

Stress can impact a child’s social functioning, academic performance, and overall mental health.

Playing the drums can relieve some of this stress, anger, or resentment. In fact, the instrument can even release endorphins similar to “runner’s high.” After all, it’s hard to feel stressed when you have to concentrate on maintaining rhythm.

Increased Academic Performance

There are plenty of studies indicating that actively participating in music training positively affects academic performance. Learning music enhances cognitive, sensory and emotional cues. These are important for math and English skills.

This is great news for well-intentioned parents who might be worried that instruments will impact study time.

Rest assured, Mom and Dad. Your kid’s report card might actually improve!

Increased Confidence

Drummers are dynamic. They are LOUD and they are relatively unapologetic. They make a scene and a good one at that.

In a nutshell? Playing the drums requires confidence and skill. If you don’t have it when you start learning, you will certainly develop it as you progress.

Learning the drums can create a sense of empowerment and mastery for a young child. This is an important skill that can help your little one excel in other areas of life including academics, social interactions, and athletics.

Sneak In Exercise

Most people don’t think of “burning calories” when they think about playing instruments. But, drumming is a highly physical and full-body experience.

Ever notice how much drummers work up a sweat? Just by using hand motions and moving to the beat, it’s possible to burn several hundred calories in a few hours of playing.

In conjunction with appropriate sleep, nutrition, and other physical activity, drumming is a great way to keep your child happy and healthy.

Discipline and Perseverance

We all know that playing an instrument requires patience and willingness. However, it also entails dedication and discipline. This means practicing when you don’t want to practice and learning new things even when they feel impossible.

Children who master these skills can carry on these traits in other areas of life. This is why drummers can make for excellent leaders! They know how to practice discipline and strength.

Final Thoughts

A child learning to play the drums can be an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience for him and for you.

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