You’re never too old to get into music! That said, some instruments are easier than others. Here are the three easiest instruments to learn for adult beginners.

Music is therapeutic. And it’s food for the soul and the brain.

MRI scans that monitored adult brains’ reactions to music exhibited some exciting responses. In this study, it didn’t matter what music was being listened to. The brain circuit that’s involved in internally-focused thought, like empathy and self-awareness, was affected each time.

No matter your age, a sure way to get your brain working and exercising, is to take up an instrument. 

But what are the easiest instruments to learn first? Keep reading to find out 3 of the easiest instruments for adult beginners to learn.

1. The Piano

You don’t need a baby grand to start playing the piano. All you need is the right keyboard to start playing and practicing and open up a whole new piece of your mind.

If you have the money to buy a grand piano, it will also add a beautiful and peaceful aesthetic to your home. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with beginning with a keyboard and even going on to play your keyboard for years to come.

The piano is the perfect thing to play if you’re planning on playing solo. It sounds lovely on its own, and learning to play can be both an empowering and therapeutic experience. And if you want your kids to learn too, there are plenty of ways to make it fun!

2. The Harmonica

The harmonica is one of the world’s cheap instruments. It is also arguably the easiest instrument to learn.

You can pick it up for the first time and guarantee that each note will be in tune, regardless of whether or not they compose a song.

Harmonicas are great for beginners, and you can take them anywhere! So if you want to go for a walk in your favorite park or hike and ski the Alps, you can take your harmonica with you without any hassle!

3. The Guitar

Knowing how to play the guitar never loses its cool factor. It’s easy to carry around, and it’s also an excellent beginner instrument. 

With just a little instruction, you can continue to teach yourself and grow as a player. 

Plus, it’s great for entertaining family and friends! It’s also an excellent solo instrument but is a fantastic addition to almost any band. So the possibilities are pretty endless when it comes to a guitar-playing future.

Honorable Mentions

The saxophone is an excellent choice for blues and jazz fans. Even though it takes determination to learn, it can be a very rewarding instrument to continue to play for years to come.

The ukulele isn’t as complexed as other string instruments. It’s excellent for family sing-alongs and is easy to take around.

The bongos are just fun. They are great for getting a crowd or a couple of toddlers to start dancing. 

The Easiest Instruments to Learn Are the Ones That Fit Our Lifestyles

Have you wanted a piano in your living room for years and enjoy your alone time? Invest in a piano. Do you want to play music wherever you go? Start playing the harmonica.

The easiest instruments to learn are the ones that speak to us and put our minds at ease. 

Music is a universal language. No matter your spoken language or your age, music can be shared with others in a beautiful way. Learning to play an instrument is healthy for your mind and your soul.

Are you still pondering your next great adventure? Find out what music lessons will do for you.