Starting a music school provides many benefits to you, your students, and community! Here are some important reasons to start a music academy.

Did you know that nine-in-ten kids want to learn an instrument? Music is a wonderful gift and starting a music academy is a great way to encourage kids to play.

Studies show that learning an instrument improves brain development. It also leads to higher test scores on average. And not only are you giving your students a chance to learn valuable skills, but you’re also improving your community.

Still not convinced? Here are five evidence-backed reasons for you to open your own school for music.

1. Music Improves Brain Development

Learning to play an instrument improves brain development in children. Learning music impacts the part of the brain that handles speech, reading, sound, and language learning skills.

Studies have also shown that music students perform better on tests and score higher than students that don’t learn to play.

2. Learning Music Teaches Kids Discipline

Students have to practice outside of their lessons. This means that they often need practice schedules and must hold themselves accountable.

Studying music teaches kids discipline and time-management skills. These are fundamental skills that will help kids as they grow older. By starting a music school, you help to teach kids how to balance responsibilities.

3. Music Education Helps Children Build Relationships

Because music is universally enjoyable it brings people together. Music students build relationships with their music teacher and with each other.

Creating a music academy and teaching kids music helps them work towards a greater goal. Performing for others also encourages students to leave their comfort zone and builds confidence.

Students that learn through the academy may even go on to perform in a band or small ensemble.

4. Music Reduces Stress

Have you ever noticed that listening to music when you’re stressed helps you relax? Music is scientifically proven to reduce stress in both kids and adults.

Students feel overwhelmed for many reasons from grades to strict parents. But learning to play an instrument could help them lower their stress levels.

Music often offers an escape from the stress and tediousness of school or home life. Having a place to get away and involve themselves with learning music is a great way for students to unwind.

5. Learning an Instrument Allows Students to Build Other Skills

Did you know learning music helps with other subjects as well?

Students can improve their math skills by learning how to keep time. Quarter, half, and whole notes are basically fractions. Music students also use logic by keeping the rhythm and counting the bars.

Playing an instrument also helps students to learn other languages. Learning music develops the left side of the brain in charge of processing language. This means that it’s easier to learn a second language.

Ready to Start Your Own Music Academy?

There are many benefits to kids learning music from lower stress levels to better grades. Not only are you helping them, but you’re also improving the community by opening a music academy.

Are you ready to teach music but you’re not sure where to start?

Become a music lab owner. Find out more and contact us to find out how we can help you give kids and your community the gift of music.