Do you have a child interested in learning how to play an instrument? Or are you yourself interested in learning to play an instrument? Either way, you or your child can reap several music lesson benefits.

Learning an instrument benefits a person cognitively, socially, and even physically. You can see dramatic positive changes in your life and well-being by adding music to your life. Does that sound like something you want to experience?

To understand how deep this goes, read on to learn the eight benefits of learning an instrument.

1. Stress Relief

One of the benefits of music lessons is relief from stress and anxiety. We live in a world that is plagued by stress. Music releases dopamine, a.k.a. the “feel good” hormone, into the body, thus relieving feelings of stress.

2. Improved Social Skills

As you or your child learn musical skills, opportunities arise for more interaction with other like-minded learners. This allows for a major boost in one’s social circle.

In addition, more doors will open for you or your child to collaborate with other musicians. This is a chance for you or your child to learn cooperation skills.

3. Improved Intelligence

Learning an instrument can improve one’s IQ by seven points or more. This is due to increased activity in the part of the brain related to motor skills, hearing, audio information storage, and memory.

4. Improved Organization

Learning an instrument requires one to learn serious discipline techniques. Those techniques translate into other areas of life, including organization.

5. Improved Mathematics

As it turns out, the arts and STEM aren’t as separate as they are made out to be. In fact, students to play an instrument tend to have better test scores in math than those who don’t.

Music borrows many mathematic concepts, including counting notes and rhythms. Those who integrate mathematics into their interests like this are more likely to develop their math skills in general.

6. Improved Reading

Students who have received musical training tend to have greater reading skills than those who haven’t. This is according to research done by professionals from Oxford and Yale.

7. Improved Self-Esteem

Developing any new skill allows you a confidence boost. You have a new talent you can boast of, and you feel better about yourself for having learned this new skill.

8. Creative Expression

Those who learn an instrument have a unique way to express themselves in a way they couldn’t without. In addition, they have a way to share their creations with others.

All of this and more is why you should consider music lessons for you or your child. And if you’re in Southern California, Music Lab has recently opened its Northridge location, the seventh location overall. This is a great place to begin a musical journey.

Benefits of Learning an Instrument

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of learning an instrument, Music Lab in Northridge is the place to go. Our instructors are trained for various styles and various ages. If you have a musically-inclined child or if you yourself want to learn music, sign up today or contact us at 818-518-4357 for more information.