Today, 24% of Americans can play an instrument, which isn’t a very high number. Considering that music brings joy to people’s lives, it can be a good idea to take lessons so you can create and play music either on your own or with other people.

You may have several instruments in mind already, but the best place to start is with the piano.

Wonder why? Then read on for 5 benefits of taking piano lessons.

1. You’ll Get a Good Musical Foundation

If you want to learn music, you’ve got to start somewhere. Piano lessons are a great start because once you know how to play the piano, it’ll be a lot easier to pick up other ones.

You can technically start with any instrument you want, but most people find it easier to begin with the piano.

2. It Improves Your Hand-Eye Coordination

When you play piano, you need to place your hands and fingers on the right keys, at the right time. You also need to read the sheet music. All this adds up to better motor movement and hand-eye coordination.

This means that piano for kids is fantastic, as it’ll help them develop motor skills quickly. It’s great for adults too; as we age, hand-eye coordination declines. Playing piano will fight against this decline.

3. It Helps With Concentration and Discipline

Do you find it difficult to concentrate on tasks? Then taking piano lessons can help.

Playing piano requires critical thinking skills, as well as laser focus. The more time you spend on this craft, then the easier it’ll be to concentrate on other things.

You’ll also need to practice piano regularly to improve your skills. That’ll take discipline!

4. It Boost Brain Health

Several studies have shown that playing piano sharpens your brain. Our ability to process auditory signals slows down with age, and piano playing can combat this.

If you keep playing music throughout your life, then the chances of memory issues decrease. You’ll need to memorize and recall pieces when you play for your loved ones or put on recitals.

Piano lessons can also reverse inner ear hearing loss.

5. It Reduces Anxiety and Depression

You probably already know that music has healing properties. So it shouldn’t be surprising that if you take piano lessons, it can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

Another added benefit of learning this musical skill is it’ll increase your confidence and self-esteem. When these things go up, then mental health symptoms go down.

Start Piano Lessons Today

As you can see, the piano is an excellent instrument to pick up.

While you can teach yourself piano, it’s not a good idea, as you’ll develop bad habits and playing styles. By investing in proper piano lessons, you’ll be able to develop solid music skills that’ll last you a lifetime.

If you’re interested in starting music lessons, then sign up for a free, no-obligation trial lesson from us today.