You’ve dreamed of learning your favorite instrument for years, and now, you’re ready to turn that dream into a reality.

Smart thinking. Research shows that learning how to play an instrument can enhance your cognitive function.

What can you expect during music lessons? Let’s explore what will happen during your first music lesson so you can be prepared.

Music Reading Lessons

An important skill you’ll develop during a music lesson is how to read music. Reading music is an important skill no matter the type of instrument you plan to learn.

Your music teacher will show you the link between sheet music’s language and an instrument’s fingerings and notes. Instruments vary in terms of what holes you have to cover or what keys you have to press to produce sound.

In addition, your technique for blowing air through an instrument will result in various notes on paper.

Instrument Rental and Resources

Maybe you like how a clarinet sounds. Perhaps you prefer a piano’s versatility. You might simply want to practice a trumpet since you already own one and don’t want to purchase another instrument.

A music instructor can help you choose the right instrument based on your interests and needs.

Your choice of instrument will not change the quality of lessons you’ll receive. However, it will determine the supplies and resources you will be using as well as the cost range of each instrument type. 

For instance, let’s say you want to learn how to play the guitar. You’ll need guitar strings and picks along with the instrument. In addition, your teacher may teach you a special music-reading approach used specifically for an instrument like a guitar or ukelele.

Meanwhile, let’s say you want to learn how to play the saxophone. You will have to purchase reeds. These are thin wood slivers that will help you produce sound from a saxophone.

Your teacher will also tell you what supplies you will need for your instrument as well as where to go to purchase or rent the instrument that you are interested in.

Music Theory Insights

A music course will also teach about the way music works. This is called music theory.

For instance, you will learn why certain sounds feel sad while others feel happy. You’ll also learn why some groups of notes go well together. In addition, you’ll find out why other groups of notes sound jarring.

How We Can Help with Music Lessons

During your music lessons, you will learn how to read music. In addition, your music instructor will help you pick the right instrument for you.

You will also learn about the various supplies and resources you’ll need to play your chosen instrument. In addition, you will explore music theory so that you better understand the way music works.

At Music Lab Schools, we’re excited to help you learn how to play your chosen instrument through high-quality music classes. We offer lessons in Tennessee, Southern California, and Northern California.

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