Playing a musical instrument can be both fun and therapeutic; not only do you learn skills, but you also get to express yourself.

Only a rare few can pick up an instrument and play it perfectly immediately though. To get good, most people need to learn and practice to get their skills up.

However, it’s typical to run into obstacles that prevent you from flourishing. Here are some common issues students face when learning music.

Issues With Music Theory

It’s true that many famous musicians can’t read sheet music and only learned to play their instruments through experimentation and experience. But if you want to open up possibilities as a musician, then music theory is a must. 

Music theory is the study of the methods and concepts used to create and perform music. As you can see, it teaches you the universal terms that people understand worldwide. Not only will this make it easier for you to read and interpret sheet music, but it’ll also allow you to write pieces and collaborate with others.

The best way to learn music theory is to get music lessons from an experienced professional. They’ll ensure that you get the basics down.

No Motivation

Often, students get frustrated when they pick up an instrument and aren’t proficient at it in a short period of time. Not to mention, hours of practice can be boring and tedious, so they avoid playing.

To drum up motivation, students can try setting clear goals, varying their practice pieces and exercises, and seeking inspiration by listening to music or joining a musical community. Having a teacher who celebrates their practice helps too!

Bad Time Management

20% of adults are chronic procrastinators; now imagine just how many kids are too! Even if you’re not a procrastinator, you still might struggle with time management, especially if you’ve got a busy life schedule to balance as well.

To slot in practice time, create a routine that you can follow, and prioritize this time if you’re committed to learning music. If you’re finding these periods too long, try breaking it down to smaller chunks you can fit throughout the week. You can even use idle time (such as your morning bus commute) to study sheet music.

In addition, you can also ask your music instructor for ways to structure your practice time.

Have Fun Learning Music

Learning music can be a fun time if you have the right teacher and resources. When you start with a strong foundation, then your musical journey will be smoother and more exciting, leading to positive experiences.

So if you or your child is ready to explore your musical talent, then make sure you get it right. Whether you get private lessons or go to music school, having an excellent teacher will take you far!

If you’d like to get started on music lessons, then find a Music Lab Schools location near you now.