According to the NAMM Foundation, over 90% of students in US public schools have access to music education.

While this is a promising statistic, the sad fact of the matter is that music education will always be tied to political ebbs and flows. What’s here now could be gone tomorrow due to cost-cutting in the next political regime – so, how does that affect the population?

In today’s post, we’ll explain some of the benefits of music education for people of all ages. It’s not just children who benefit from learning an instrument or developing musical literacy – it’s everyone. Keep reading and understand why we need music education in and out of schools.

Music Boosts Brain Power

One of the more overlooked aspects of music literacy is how it stimulates brain activity. Music education is shown to influence memory and attention, as well as problem-solving skills. As a result, music lessons are strongly correlated with improved academic performance. 

Expression Through Music

Music is an art form that allows people of all ages to express themselves in ways they wouldn’t otherwise. Having an outlet for dealing with emotions is essential for children, but remains important throughout life.

By handing your child an instrument at a young age, you’re allowing them to deal with difficult emotions deep into the future. Musical expression is a coping mechanism that can help people develop better emotional intelligence as well.

Creativity and Imagination

It’s important to foster your creativity, especially during younger years. By learning an instrument, you can facilitate creativity and have a creative outlet. Creative people are generally good problem solvers, which is an important skill in all aspects of life.

As we get older, our imagination and creativity tend to wane. With music education, however, you’ll always have music to stimulate your imagination when you need a boost.

Finding Community in Music

Music education can help people both young and old find their way. It can be difficult for people of all ages to find a community that suits them. If you take to music, you can find a huge group of like-minded people out there.

Whether it’s playing in your school orchestra or starting a band, music education can help you find lifelong friends. You’ll always have a tool for meeting new people when you have music as a touchstone.

Mental Health and Confidence

Taking music lessons can help you build confidence, which is so important for our mental health. Music literacy, whether it’s being proficient at an instrument or developing a taste for music, can help you find an identity that gives you stability in life.

Music itself has a huge effect on our moods. If you’re feeling depressed or anxious, you can always pick up an instrument and experience a release of tension.

Experience the Benefits of Music Education for Yourself

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Our instructors come from a wide range of musical backgrounds, so you can get music notes from a class that suits you. To book yourself into a music school, get in touch with us today to find a Music Lab location near you.