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Saturday – Rocklin

Tuesday | Thursday – Granite Bay



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Daniel Blackburn

Daniel Blackburn is a performing drummer and drum instructor from Sacramento, CA who has a passion for drums, music, and teaching. He starting playing drums at the age of 10 and has studied under some of the best drum instructors in the country such as Mike Johnston, Matt Halpern, Joseph Arrington, and JP Bouvet. In January of 2015 he started teaching at The Drum Lab and hasn’t looked back since. His goal is to inspire and spark the creativity of his students and help them build a foundation to play in a variety of musical settings.




Daniel’s Setup

This will give you some understanding of what he plays.

  1. 14x5  Vintage Ludwig Snare
  2. 12x8 DW Design Tom
  3. 14x11 DW Design Floor Tom
  4. 20x12 DW Design Bass Drum
  5. 14″ Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHat
  6. 18″ Zildjian K Dark Medium Thin Crash (occasionally stacked)
  7. 21″ Zildjian A Sweet Ride
  8. DW Hardware and Pedals
  9. Vater Percussion Sticks, Mallets, Brushes, and Rods
  10. Aquarian Drumheads