Frequently Asked Questions
We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about our program. If you have other questions or some of the answers aren’t clear, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.
Who is Music Lab?

Music Lab is an extension of Drum Lab, an award-winning drum school. Drum Lab opened it’s doors in May of 2005 with one main goal: to set a new standard for drumming education. After 11 years of being in business, many customers started requesting for us to expand to other instruments. We heard our customers and opened Music Lab to start teaching other instruments and expanding our program. Music Lab offers a comprehensive, hands-on education in contemporary drumming techniques and styles. We pride ourselves on QUALITY. What separates us from our competitors is quality education from experienced and educated instructors.

How Do We Get Started?

To get started please visit our free trial page and we will then set you up on a free trial lesson.

What Do We Need For Lesson One?

For your first lesson, all we need is for you to be ready to embark on this new musical journey with us. If you would like to bring anything else you are more than welcome to do so.

What Do We Need After Lesson One?

What is necessary for future lessons are the following:

  1. Your instrument unless you are taking lessons where the instrument is present (Piano, Drumset, etc) If you are taking guitar lessons please bring your guitar. If you are a drummer please bring your drumsticks.
  2. Folder
  3. Notebook
Do I Need a Drum Set?

In the beginning, you can totally learn how to play and practice using just sticks and a practice pad. Eventually, it would help your learning process if you are able to acquire or have access to some time of acoustic, electric, or practice pad drum set up.

Where Can I Purchase An Instrument?

To help you with picking the best equipment for your budget and needs we have partnered with Skips Music (a local music store) and placed some items in our store that we recommend. If you need help picking the right items please talk to your instructor and he or she can further help you with this question.

How Do We Pick an Instructor?

We will help you pick an instructor that best fits the needs of the student. How you can help us is by including some info about the student in your email to us like:

  • Age
  • Music Experience/ Level
  • Musical Interests/ Styles
  • Musical Goals
  • Other helpful information about the student.
Can We Change Instructors?

We like for you to stay with one instructor for consecutive lessons, but if you would eventually like to try out other instructors that is totally an option. All you need to do is let us know, either Music Lab location owner or let your instructor know and we will have you transition to one of our other instructors and continue furthering your education and journey at Music Lab.

How Do We Pay For Lessons?

All of our payments are made online. We have a manual payment option if you are doing just a few lessons at a time or we have an autopay option if you are doing consecutive lessons.

How Do We Cancel Autopay?

Autopay lessons can be canceled with a 30-day cancelation notice.

How Do I Update My Method of Payment?

Please email us,  talk to your location owner or your instructor. You can also log into your account and update your card in that system.

Does Music Lab Offer Rentable Space For Practice?

Unfortunately, we do not offer space for rent.

How Do We Cancel An Upcoming Lesson?

Music Lab must be notified of the student’s inability to attend a lesson at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise no refund or make-up will be granted. Make-ups are only guaranteed if scheduled within 1 week of the student’s request.

Does Music Lab Refund For Missed Lessons?

Outside of the make-up policy mentioned above, since we have a specific lesson time slot reserved for each student and have a legal obligation to pay the instructor for that reserved slot, payment must be made regardless of attendance. This includes illness, vacations, etc.

Do We Have Vacation Periods or Days Off?

Music Lab will be closed for a weeklong break 4 times/year. These weeks will be held on:

  • Easter week (Spring Break)
  • 4th of July week
  • Thanksgiving week
  • Christmas week.

This will still give each student 48 lessons/year due to the 5th lesson/month that occurs 4 times/year.

Will We Always Have The Same Instructor?

Music Lab will make every effort to keep a student with the same instructor. However, the student (by signing up) agrees that Music Lab has the discretion to reassign a student to a different instructor as needed. The student may also request to switch to a different instructor for any reason and Music Lab will make every effort to accommodate the student’s request. Also on occasion instructors might have days when they are not able to make a lesson at that point they will provide a substitute, offer a refund for that lesson, or do a makeup lesson.

Does Music Lab Have Recitals?

Although not guaranteed, the music lab usually does recitals twice a year, once in the spring and once in the winter. Check out our social media pages to see highlights from recent recitals!